Doug Whitney

A professional photographer for over 30+ years, Doug has traveled the world in the film days as an underwater photographer shooting with the famous NIkonos V. His deep sea adventures took Doug to Australia, the Caribbean, Mexico, Belize and the South Pacific.   As a nature and landscape photographer, Doug has captured stunning images throughout the United States and Canada as well as Africa.

Doug has been published in many magazines including The Defenders of Wildlife. He is a member of Nikon Professional Services.



Doc Miles

A landscape and nature photographer for over 30 years, Doc has photographed the Sierras where he lived for several years.  His life's journeys took Doc on a nine year sojourn to Australia and a return to his adopted home of San Francisco in the mid '90s. Since then Doc has traveled throughout the US capturing the beauty and vastness of our deserts and wilderness.  At the suggestion of Doug, Doc started a tour business for photographers of all skill levels in and around beautiful San Francisco. Doc has expanded his tours to include Yosemite and the breath taking California Pacific Coast Highway.   Doc's equipment is Nikon, but he is knowledgeable  with practically all today's makes and models. He is a member of Nikon Professional Services, Professional Photographers of America and a VIP photographer for the National Park Service


The Loupe Brothers

The concept started out as a whimsical traveling name for the duo somewhere back in the Sierras ten years ago. As Doc & Doug travel together, they have developed a following on Facebook who vicariously enjoy the places they discover.  Known to followers as Louie (Doug) and Lester (Doc), they have shared their images and sprinkled some tall tales about "The Brothers" on social media.


Now they are sharing the adventure and rewards of their photo exploits in this action packed tour.